Introduction and Fantasia

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Philip Rugel
Woodwind Quintet
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Introduction and Fantasia is a whimsical piece based on the Protestant hymn known as the Doxology. After a short introduction, the oboe enters with the main theme accompanied by a fluttering flute. This quickly leads to a mode change and a quick cadence. The fantasia begins.

The fantasia section of the piece is comprised of numerous motives being thrown from instrument to instrument while fragments of the Doxology are heard at all ranges. It's a battle for prominence between the secular motives and the religious theme. A constant sense of racing motion lies beneath the struggle. Which theme will be victorious?

Introduction and Fantasia is a woodwind quintet for advanced players not afraid of a challenge. It is a fast-paced piece which requires solid technical skill and a soloist spirit of all five players. It is also an extremely fun piece to play and it is the composer's hope that instrumentalists will find a great amount of joy playing it.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review