fusion band level 1

The Fusion Series is a selection of band compositions.

The purpose of the Fusion Series is to service the ever increasing number of small band programs. Many band programs in rural areas have had their numbers dip below 30 members and many have dipped below 20.

What do you program when you have 15 kids in band and 6 of them play saxophone or percussion? The Fusion Series services these band programs. Each composition was selected for its structure, ability appropriateness, musical creativity, and educational value.

This series allows for a VERY large array of performance possibilities. All pieces included in this series are accessible to band programs with as few as four wind players and as many as are available. These pieces are accessible to band programs with varying instrumentation (ex. 11 kids: 1 flute, 1 clarinet, 5 saxes, 1 tuba, and 3 percussion). They can also serve as an ensemble piece for solo and ensemble contests.