Kevin Timothy Austin

Kevin Austin is an avid composer with experience in a wide variety of modern compositional processes; favoring blends of genera such as spectralism, minimalism, serialism, aleatoric techniques, indeterminacy, jazz, indian classical music and electronic music, with a hint of neoclassicism and indie pop. He enjoys exploring and creating new notation methods and musical forms and maintains a tactile and organic approach to music composition. Mr. Austin draws musical influence from the idea that sound is the primal creative force in the universe; a notion extant from ancientVedic philosophies and the Hindu aspect of the divine, Sabda Brahman. Accordingly, he approaches composition -- and for that matter music in general -- with a unique and refreshing perspective: music, much like a deity, is eternal and therefore cannot be created. Composition then, takes on a new definition for him, in that it becomes a method of "tapping in" to the musical ether and presents an array of omnipresent sounds specific to the emotional message and artistic purpose of the composer.With this in mind, Mr. Austin's compositions achieve an aesthetic that is imbued with deep personal feeling, that looks toward the core of what it means to be human, and that seeks the divine spark in every aspect of reality resultant from the eternal music that reverberates through the cosmos.