David Barton

Over the past twelve years, David has forged a wide-ranging career in the sphere of the performing arts. At the age of just 25, he has, for the past nine years, run a hugely successful private teaching practice in Gloucester, specialising in teaching flute, piano, singing (including music theatre) and music theory. He has a deep interest in, and wholehearted commitment to music education, developing innovative teaching methods, comprehensive and well-rounded curricula, and workshop-based and performance opportunities for students. He works with a wide range of ages and abilities, encouraging each individual to explore a varied assortment of musical experiences and activities.

He has been involved in local amateur dramatics and drama performances including major musical theatre productions such as The Little Shop of Horrors, Crazy for You and Guys & Dolls; and for other productions, he has also been a director and musical director. He has worked extensively behind the scenes too, maintaining a keen interest in the artistic and design elements of theatre production.

As a pianist, he has accompanied numerous examination candidates, choirs and ensembles; and has been a church organist since the age of 14. He gives regular organ recitals, and is often in demand as an accompanist and organist at weddings and other special services. For the past two years, he has been Director of Music at St. John's Northgate, Gloucester.

For many years he has composed and arranged music, and since 2005, has had a substantial number of pieces published both in the UK and abroad, with performances taking place worldwide. The music he produces is diverse both in its style and instrumentation, but overall, its intention is to be accessible and enjoyable. He has worked extensively with young composers, encouraging them to develop their skills and to enjoy composing. In addition to his work as a teacher, composer and accompanist, he contributes regularly to a number of music-related magazines and journals, writing on a wide range of issues, particularly in relation to music education.