Joel Pau


Joel Zhang Jie Pau, aged 17, was born and raised in Malaysia. He started playing the piano at the age of 7 and fell in love with it ever since. Over the years, he developed a tremendous passion and zealous enthusiasm towards classical music and composing. He particularly enjoys the works of Robert Schumann, Sergei Rachmaninoff and modern film composer Alexandre Desplat. Music has always been his best companion over the years. He loves composing with classical and modern styles of musical writing, exposing audiences and musical listeners to two different impeccable genres of music. To him, music is life’s greatest gift and joy.

Joel received numerous accolades as a young pianist over the years. His vast achievements include the first prize of the Canadian International Music Competition, silver award winner in the London Young Musicians Competition, third prize in the Malaysian Piano Competition, Odin International Music Competition, Franz Liszt Center International Piano Competition and the Rocky Mountain Piano Competition, second prize of the LiveMuseArt International Music Competition as well as the second prize of the ISCART (International School of Culture and Art) International Music Competition and the recipient of the prestigious ISCART Prize. He has won competitions from all across the globe, which includes Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Indonesia and Romania.

As a young composer, Joel managed to win several prominent competitions in the industry. He was the Grand Prix recipient of the Tokyo Stars International Competition of Music and Arts as well as receiving the Laureate I degree in the Silk Road II International Competition of Musical and Artistic Works. Recently, he has won the first prize in the 8th International Music Competition “The Sound of Music” of Romania, the gold award in the Quebec International Music Competition, the second prize in the ULJUS 8th International Piano Competition Smederevo and the second prize award at the USA Music Composition International Competition held by the International Youth Music Competition. He was also nominated for the prestigious International Award in the field of culture and arts, “Start of the Star”, for his outstanding achievement in creativity.

Joel’s works can best be described as ingenious, creative and artistically beautiful.