Anton J. de Lange

Anton J. de Lange was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in December 1944 as a descendent of an old ancient family of composers.

He had the advantage of studying at various Conservatories and was a student of the famous solo-oboist Jaap Stotijn in The Hague. Subsequently, he studied choir and orchestra management at the Conservatory in Rotterdam and Music Education at the Brabant Conservatory in Tilburg.

As an oboist, he has performed with several orchestras and conducted many choirs and orchestras. A great many compositions are credited to him. A few of them include Symphonie Maçonnique, Meine Welt, Concerto pour Basson, Alka, Sanctus, Kerstmotet, Gebed, Requiem aeternam, Sonate 1802, Lamento, Rurale, Broedertrouw, and Quartet in G.