Contest Winners


2015 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition

       Fabio Massimo Capogrosso
       4 miniature per 4 strumenti a fiato for flute, clarinet, bassoon, and horn

      Joseph Gregorio
      Rondo from Music for Springtime for woodwind quintet

      Robert McClure
      Desert Miniatures: Insects for three bassoons

     Chun-Wai Wong
     A Breath of Life for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, and bass



2012 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition

      David Ciancaglini
      “Seikilos Quartet” for Oboe, Bassoon, Marimba and Piano

      Devin Farney
      “Fire and Ice” for Soprano, Bassoon and Piano

      Greg Steinke
      “Suspended” for Bassoon, Violins I and II, Viola, and Cello


2012 Pathways Contest Winner (Choral)

      Patrick Rooney
      Nunc Dimittis (SSAATTBB a cappella)

2012 Pathways Series Contest Honorable Mention (Choral)

      Luke Flynn
      Beneath the Wave (SSAATTBB a cappella)

      Diane Baltazar
      Everyday is Earth Day (SSA and Piano)

2011 Pathways Contest Winner (Band)

      Arthur J. Michaels
      Escapade in Swing: An Adventure in Swing for Concert Band

2011 Pathways Series Contest Honorable Mention (Band)

      Gary Gazlay
      Four Freedoms March

2011 Fusion Contest Winner (Band)

      Arthur J. Michaels
      Tomorrow's Hopes and New Horizons

2011 Fusion Series Contest Honorable Mention (Band)

      Gary Gazlay

2010 Pathways Contest Winners (String Orchestra)

      Allen Menton
      Hedgehog Hustle

      William Sherill
      Double Fugue on the Hymn Tune Adore Te

      Roger Zare
      Mare Tranquillitatis

2010 Pathways Contest Honorable Mention (String Orchestra)

      Sarah Siegler
      Chance Dance
      The Turtle Dove
      Main Street South

      Gary Edwards
      Lullaby for Kendall
      Basses Rule
      Courdalene Suite

      Mark Zuckerman
      North Country Dance

      Greg Bartholomew
      Summer Suite - Popsicle Rocket Sunrise, Still Life with Melon & Sand, Red Cherry Lark
      Far North Land

2010 Fusion Contest Winner (Band)

      Rich Johnson
      Renegade Stealth Cruiser G1

2010 Fusion Contest Honorable Mention (Band)

      Greg Bartholomew
      Far North Land

      Arthur Michaels
      Legato Lagoon

2009 Pathways Contest Winners (Choral)

      Caleb Wenzel
      Be With Me, My Strength (SATB, Piano & Solo Instrument)
      Agnus Dei (Two-part chorus & Piano)
      Behold, One Has Died (SATB a capella)
      Gloria (SATB, Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Timpani, Percussion, Organ)
      Set Me As Seal (SATB & Piano)
      The Advent of Isaiah (SATB a cappella)

      Elaine Hagenberg
      It is Not Always May (SATB & Piano)
      A Day of Sunshine (SSATTB & Piano)
      An Inconstant True Love (SSAATTBB & Piano)
      Good Night, Love (SSAA & Piano)
      Music and Blossoms Together (SSA & Piano)

2009 Pathways Contest Honorable Mention (Choral)

      Chris Owenby
      O Magnum Mysterium (SATB & Piano)

Thomas Schnauber
Fairies' Lullaby (SSA & Piano)

      Justin Merritt
      Corde natus ex parentis (SATB a cappella)
      Adoro Te Devote (SATB a cappella)
      Lamentations (SATB a cappella)
      Nativity (SATB a cappella)

      Gary Edwards
      Peace Be With You (SATB & Piano)

      Daniel Bard
      Three Short Choral Works on Texts by E.E. Cummings (SATB & Piano)

      Pete Deschler
      Joshua (SATB a cappella)

      Matthew Fields
      Shakespeare's Eighteenth Sonnet (SATB a cappella)

2008 Pathways Contest Winners (Band)

      Rich Johnson
      A Dark Horizon

      Brandon Hendrix
      The Rise of the Incans

      Christopher Barr