Lullaby for Kendall

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A Lullaby for Kendall is a beautiful, relaxing lullaby written in 2009, in anticipation of the birth of my grand-daughter, Kendall. It's premier performance was the Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) High School String Ensemble, Jim Phillips Director, in May, before my granddaughter was born. The melody begins with the cellos and is followed by the violins. The interlude features the piano. Below is a poem written in anticipation of the melody being sung:

A lullaby for Kendall.
Dream in your baby cradle.
Sleep while the day is dwindling down to night.
So rest. Lay your sleepy head down on the baby pillow.
Sleep.Momand dad are standing by.

A song for my pretty baby.
Long may you slumber softly.
You are my angel, sleeping soft and light.
The light shining from the twilight
glows on your face so brightly.
Sleep.You are safe here in our warmth.

Love is all around you.
Love surrounds you
since the day we brought you home.
La la. Loo loo.
Ahah. Coo.

See your tiny hands.
See your tiny fingers, tiny toes.
We love you, so.
We love you and adore you.
There is no babe cuter than you,
or smarter, too.
Um. Um. Um. Ooh.
Goto sleep,mybaby.
Sleep until tomorrow.
Lay your head down.
God will watch you.

Go to sleep, go to sleep, my baby.
Sleep while you coo, so softly.
Sleep with your dolly in your hands, so tight,
We love you and we promise true,
to watch over you, until you wake up in the dawn.

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