Sunset on Cape Cod Bay (download)

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Dan Adams
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There is a feeling of calm and humility that consumes you as you watch the sun set or rise over the ocean.

On the north coast of Cape Cod lies Cape Cod Bay. The relative calm of the water reflects all the colors of the sun and sky as the sun slowly sets. At low tide, the tidal flats show off their rippled sand with channels of sunlit water.

The vivid colors change as the sun nears the horizon. The darkening blue sky is a backdrop for the pink, orange, yellow, and red that make any clouds glow with warmth. Silhouettes of passing seagulls dot the scene like a painting.

Crowds gather in the summer as a day at the beach ends, and hearty locals enjoy the beauty on display on a chilly winter evening.

Sunset On Cape Cod Bay attempts to set this tranquil scene to music.

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