Sequence of a Dream (download)

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Jacob Ratledge
Concert Band
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Sequence of a Dream, as its title may suggest, was inspired by a dream I had which stayed with me for quite some time.

I had woken up in a cave with no light and no idea how to get out; it began as a nightmare. However, I had a lighter with me and while using that light source I began exploring the cave. My hope kept growing as I explored and I eventually saw a light that led me out of the cave. The dream began as a nightmare, yet ended with me feeling very uplifted and full of hope.

I have not been able to figure out what this dream has symbolized in my life, or any reason why it could have happened, but I remember it as vividly as I do actual memories. This work is a musical representation of the journey contained within that dream, particularly the contrast between its beginning and end.

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