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Shao Fern Teo
Bassoon Quartet
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RUN was commissioned by the Renegade Bassoon Quartet, and was completed in January 2017. As I received the invitation for this collaboration, I immediately knew that I wanted to give the quartet something powerful and of merit that reflects the name of the group. RUN conveys the message that we, as humans, are always running and chasing for something else in our lives; the various rhythmic patterns in the music are the different paces we take for the journey.

The quartet is free to modify the tempo of the piece at their own discretion- according to their “running” pace for each section. Though restless with ostinatos in majority of the piece, the climactic passage slows down rhythmically, and the melody captures the idea that we should each search for the meaning and reason for the race in life.

I hope this piece ignites the rhythm within you to keep running your very own race.

Duration: 5 minutes

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review