Rêves d’un Neverland

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Joel Pau
Solo Violin
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Rêves d’un Neverland (Dreams of a Neverland) is a piece about poverty and the cruelty of life. Beneath all the rainbows, the glitters and glamour, there are invisible sufferers every single day. They can only dream to be in a Neverland, a place with peace and harmony, flowers and their resplendent beauty surrounds the Neverland. Children with dreams and hope, tormented by the brutality of mankind and wars. Hopelessness surrounds them, but they continue to fight for their lives every moment along the way.

This piece is a dedication to every single one who suffers from war and poverty. May all of you be blessed and may you find great happiness and strengths throughout the journey of life. May all your lives be filled with joie de vivre.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review