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For Band (Grade 4/5)
By Bradley Meholick

imPulse was written for the Le Roy Senior High Concert Band in December of 2010. While written to address specific educational objectives of the group, the piece was also written to accommodate a large percussion section and to provide a solo opportunity for each senior member within that ensemble. imPulse is composed in a style that
those students would enjoy performing. The work was performed the following May as a gift to the instrumentalists in the class of 2011.

As the title implies, one of the primary educational objectives of the work is to challenge the individual performer's responsibilities in regards to pulse. From the opening ostinato pattern setting the subdivisional framework to the 7/8-9/8, to the metric changes, and finally to the lyrical sections, pulse is always at the heart of the successful
performance and successful education of the piece. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review