Impressions (download)

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Oboe & Bassoon
Thomas J. Breadon, Jr.
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Composer’s Notes
My intention in writing Impressions was to present to both the audience and the performers short and simple character pieces, each leaving very contrasting mental images of people, places, or ideas. To achieve this, I not only used very different stylistic qualities in each movement, but different compositional techniques, and varying degrees of tonality and prescriptive score markings (such as articulations, tempos, and dynamics). This makes every movement as unique to interpret and understand as say, a person you would pass on the street. Further, some of the movements allow for a myriad of interpretations within themselves due to the lack of prescriptive markings, the written encouragement of Ornamentations, and the use of improvisation. I encourage performer and listener alike to explore the innumerable interpretive possibilities available

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review